Personal Interests

I was born Leanne Harris in Newcastle Australia, so when asked I always say I'm a Novocastrian, but in fact I only lived there for 3 years.  Growing up, I moved around a lot internationally until 1995 when my family returned to Australia and I enrolled at North Sydney Girls High.  I started hiking around the Sydney region after I joined the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and the 206 regional army cadet unit.  I love that Sydney offers you so much as a city, but underneath the surface it's still completely wild.  You can go from bustling city to serene natural beauty in just a short walk. I stayed there as long as I could ;-). After high school, I enrolled at the University of Sydney, where I stayed until the end of my PhD in Biophysics.  I then moved to Melbourne to take up a postdoctoral position with CSIRO.  The weather is an acquired taste so much better than Houston, but and it has the only synchrotron in Australia, which is pretty cool.  While I was post-docing (is that a word?), I ran on the Monash University running team with Trevor Vincent for a few years, which I really miss.  I recently joined a track team in the Woodlands and am absolutely loving it, except for the heat, of course.  I may just open an indoor running track when I win the lottery ;-).  I I love everything outdoors and I love to travel.  Some of my favourite places include Patagonia, Nepal and New Zealand.  I still can't see it being my forever home, but H-town has definitely grown on me.  It would be more endearing if the weather gods could throw out something other than too bloody hot, torrential rain, floods or sleet once in a while ;-)  So far, the progeny has retained the Aussie accent (which is pretty impressive over 3 years!), but the Texan drawl is definitely creeping in :-o

Undergrad graduation party

PhD graduation

Motherhood: Not many jobs involve a giant slide ;-)